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And it's Sarah with an 'H' by circuitleaf And it's Sarah with an 'H' by circuitleaf
More depiction of futuristic-y urban exploration. Spent the bulk of my time setting up a solid linework foundation, which I didn't entirely abandon for the submitted product.

Not entirely pleased with the coloring of the clothing, I think my highlight and shadow colors are off. The palette was formed with a gamut mask skewed towards orange and blue.

Lessons learned: Linework is very important!

Please leave any critique you might have to help me improve.

Created with open source MyPaint and GIMP - GPS plugin
A lot of hours
Paintcel Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013   Digital Artist
Getting a really big mirror's edge vibe from this piece! Your progress looks good! Here are some thoughts on what you should keep in mind for the next painting. 

I think you could benefit from doing a b/w drawing before adding colours just to have your values in check. 

Try to work on a toned background (saves your eyes and it also helps your value stay in the mid range). Keeping your values in the mid range will allow you to darken and highlight things as necessary. Right now the overall values on your drawing are incredibly bright. 

You should keep at looking at anatomical figures and learning how the muscles interact, the arm that's put forward looks flat (even though you have shading). 

Try to keep a consistent light source (and the shadows need to remain consistent too). Since your form is being created through shadows (that's what really defines your form in paintings) if you don't have the shadows and lighting in good harmony your drawing won't read properly/ things will appear flat. Which is the case with the knee-are that's closer to the viewer. 

With the background, you have perspective down pretty well. But as arifterdarkly told me, you gotta work on the aerial perspective (things get lower in value as they recede in the background). 

I'd try to keep the designs on the buildings somewhat consistent, the buildings seem to be quite random to me. and try to break lines between buildings. Some of your buildings have their floors aligned almost completely. And this just draws a straight line into the vanishing point. 


circuitleaf Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you again for all of the input. You're right, I failed to do a value painting beforehand, and it shows. All of your other points are important things I need to keep in mind, too. Trying to keep true to a consistent light source is difficult, but I'm learning.

Paintcel Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013   Digital Artist
No worries, you're definitely making progress. Just keep at it. :)
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September 4, 2013
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